Pedestrians and cyclists are very vulnerable and often sustain very serious personal injuries if they are unfortunate enough to be in collision with a motor vehicle.

Hundreds of pedestrians are injured by cyclists in the UK every year, many of them seriously, and occasionally fatally. While local government continues to encourage cycling as an environmentally friendly means of reducing congestion, the anger felt by many at the number of serious injuries sustained by pedestrians involved in collisions with bicycles was illustrated by a private members’ bill introduced in Parliament in 2011, which aimed to create a crime of causing death or serious injury through dangerous or reckless cycling. Those who would like to see legislation in this area highlight the perceived arrogance of many cyclists, and their general disregard of pedestrian safety.

At Pennine Solicitors we can pursue the insurance company of the driver involved, to secure compensation for your injuries and any financial loss you may have sustained.


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