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Divorce is never easy. It is a complicated and emotional process especially when children are involved. Our Islamic law Solicitors are specialists in representing and assisting Muslims seeking a divorce from their spouse.

As with English Law, both spouses are entitled to obtain an Islamic divorce and we are instructed by both men (Talaq) and women (Khula) who want a divorce. We have male and female lawyers on the Islamic law team.

Our lawyers work closely with Muslim counsellors, religious scholars and Sharia Councils to ensure you have a Sharia-compliant divorce.

We are one of the highly regarded law firms in the North West and West Midlands to arrange an Islamic Divorce from respected Sharia Councils nationwide, as well as a UK Divorce. Our team of specialist Muslim lawyers with experience of Sharia law in the context of marriage and divorce understand the importance of your faith and culture. They speak your language to ensure that you get a service that fulfills the requirements of both your faith and English Law.


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