When a marriage or civil partnership comes to end, it is essential to assess not only the immediate financial impact on both of you, but also to assess your long term financial needs and those of the children, so that the process to reach a financial settlement can begin.

Each case is unique and reaching a financial settlement is often complex work requiring skill, experience and delicate negotiation. In most cases, both of you will be required to provide each other with details of your income, assets and liabilities.

At Pennine Solicitors we are experienced in handling financial matters ranging from the straightforward through to the highly complex, which may involve less obvious assets such as trusts and off shore assets.

Financial settlements

The process of reaching a financial settlement varies depending on the range of issues. Sometimes financial settlements can be reached without the need of taking it to Court, whereas other cases can only be settled in the courtroom.

How do I obtain a Consent Order?

Whatever the process, the objective is to achieve a financial settlement which can then be incorporated into a document called a Consent Order. Once approved by the Court this is legally binding. Whether or not the Consent Order is approved by the Court depends upon whether the Court considers the terms to be fair and equitable to both parties.


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