At Pennine Solicitors we are able to mediate on a number of cases, ranging from the straightforward through to the highly complex.

Family Mediation is used to resolve family disputes and to help couples to reach a mutually agreed solution without the need of court action.

How it works?

The process works by both parties agreeing to meet in a neutral environment with a mediator who will help parties reach an agreement that both are happy with. The mediator can also help to draw up a document that can form the basis of a legally binding agreement.

Mediation versus Divorce

Mediation can be very effective and can also be much cheaper than traditional divorce. Mediation can be used to reach a resolution on a wide range of family law matters, including financial settlements, maintenance payments and issues relating to children.

In the event of a relationship coming to an end, family mediation is encouraged as the first step to resolving any issues.

At Pennine Solicitors we have a team of professional family mediators who are able to help couples reach an agreement.

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