At Pennine Solicitors we are here to listen, advise and act on your behalf to protect you and if applicable, your children. We can help with all matters relating to Domestic Violence and can even act on your behalf if a Domestic Violence allegation has been made against you.

Domestic Violence can take a variety of forms - physical, emotional, financial or sexual. When it occurs, swift and positive action is necessary to prevent repeated occurrences. As well as directly affecting the parties involved it can have huge repercussions on surrounding family, friends and children.

How it works?

In certain cases, it is possible to apply to the Court for an injunction prohibiting someone from pestering, intimidating or behaving violently. It may also be possible to obtain a Court Order to have someone removed from a home or prevented from visiting it. Depending on the case, injunctions can be issued quickly on an emergency basis by Court. Failure to comply with an injunction may be punishable by imprisonment or other sanctions depending upon the severity of the non-compliance.

24 hour advice line

We also provide a 24 Hour advice line for women in need to speak with a dedicated female member of staff.


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